Very honest

Powerpoint presentation

He’s a very creative, and very original and I always think that what ever he produces has the essence of cool about it. He’s never produced anything for me that I haven’t instinctively liked. And it’s hard to find this. You either click with designers or you don’t and I’m a real fan of what he does.

He’s always very honest. He will always tell me what he thinks is right and question it if I ask him to, which is very valuable. He understands what we are looking to achieve, questions, check that he’s got it right, and that’s fabulous really.

Whatever we are ask him to do he does. When you’re dealing with designers, the most important thing is how creative it is and how much you like it. You don’t want to speculate time in that process if you have any doubts that you won’t be really pleased with the outcome. So the thing with David that I really rave about is the fact that we click. I know where he’s coming from and I know that whatever comes out I am going to like.