What people have said about me - Endorsements

Massively helpful

I have known David for a long time. He does a lot of work for me on the computer and what that effectively means is that I design stuff and he does the production. I would say he’s very good with all the kind of fiddly programmes for doing charts and so on. And he…

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Listens carefully

Evelyn Williams painting

He’s a very steady. There’s no bullshit. He listens carefully to what you have to say thinks about it for a few moments and then says this is the course that we will follow. That’s the sort of person you want. And he doesn’t rob you when he sends the bill in. Other designers are…

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Very honest

Powerpoint presentation

He’s a very creative, and very original and I always think that what ever he produces has the essence of cool about it. He’s never produced anything for me that I haven’t instinctively liked. And it’s hard to find this. You either click with designers or you don’t and I’m a real fan of what…

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Good for us

Ad for Ice Films

We have been using David Butterworth for over 12 years and we wouldn’t have carried on using him if he hadn’t been good for us. David does our web site for us and takes care of any advertising and leaflets we do. He handles everything for us. He’s not precious about his work. He’s very…

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Quality work

SERDP booklet

David is particularly good with technical issues; he’s very accessible and easy to deal with and has a sense of humour – which is actually quite important when you’re working on projects that can be quite tricky. He does quality work. On technical issues things have to look good and function properly and be constructed…

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Under pressure


David works well under pressure, sometimes well into the early mornings, he fits in and blends with our team. Anyone who can handle my boss’s mood swings and extroverted behaviour, definitely is up there with the best! Dianne

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I am delighted

HBSA Journal

Je suis ravi : cetet adaptation me semble bien meilleure que l’article d’origine dans la Gazette et de plus, les photos d’époque paraissent même de meilleure qualité.Transmets mes remerciements et mes sincères féliciations à David Butterworth. ( I am delighted: this adaptation, seems to me much better than the original article in the Gazette and…

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