Massively helpful

I have known David for a long time. He does a lot of work for me on the computer and what that effectively means is that I design stuff and he does the production. I would say he’s very good with all the kind of fiddly programmes for doing charts and so on. And he tends to be up to speed on all the new technology, he is interested in it and he uses it as well. He is also a very good photographer as well.

He is massively helpful. He works very hard. He’ll keep doing things until he gets them right, and will work late even though he never mentions it at the time. He’s very reliable in that way. He also gives me a very good price. As far as I’m concerned he is perfect.

It’s definitely in his nature to get it right. He wants to get it right for you but he also wants to get it right for himself. Frequently, if we have been doing a job together and something has gone wrong, say on the technical side, which might be irritating or time-consuming, I have a tendency to say “O let’s not bother, let’s do it a different way,” but he will work really hard to get it right the way he wanted to.


Listens carefully

He’s a very steady. There’s no bullshit. He listens carefully to what you have to say thinks about it for a few moments and then says this is the course that we will follow. That’s the sort of person you want. And he doesn’t rob you when he sends the bill in.

Other designers are bloody arrogant. They regard the job as their job rather than your job. David certainly starts from the premise that it’s our job and he wants to know how he can be of service and be helpful. So many designers over design and they don’t actually listen carefully to what it is you’re trying to achieve, but David listens carefully, and then thinks about it and then he does it.


Very honest

He’s a very creative, and very original and I always think that what ever he produces has the essence of cool about it. He’s never produced anything for me that I haven’t instinctively liked. And it’s hard to find this. You either click with designers or you don’t and I’m a real fan of what he does.

He’s always very honest. He will always tell me what he thinks is right and question it if I ask him to, which is very valuable. He understands what we are looking to achieve, questions, check that he’s got it right, and that’s fabulous really.

Whatever we are ask him to do he does. When you’re dealing with designers, the most important thing is how creative it is and how much you like it. You don’t want to speculate time in that process if you have any doubts that you won’t be really pleased with the outcome. So the thing with David that I really rave about is the fact that we click. I know where he’s coming from and I know that whatever comes out I am going to like.


Good for us

We have been using David Butterworth for over 12 years and we wouldn’t have carried on using him if he hadn’t been good for us. David does our web site for us and takes care of any advertising and leaflets we do. He handles everything for us.

He’s not precious about his work. He’s very level-headed and, because he’s worked for us for a long time, he knows what we want without us having to spend an awful lot of time explaining it; it’s all been plain sailing really.

A couple of weeks ago I had a seminar and needed some leaflets and advertising sorting out. I didn’t think there was enough time, but within a matter of four or five days David was able to get the photographs done for me, without panicking, get all the copy ready, sort out the printers and delivered the job by 12 o’clock on the day I needed it. I thought it couldn’t be done. So he just gets on with things, he doesn’t panic. If he has a problem he will come back and tell you, but we’ve never had a problem with him at all. He’s always provided everything that we’ve needed at the time we needed it.


Quality work

David is particularly good with technical issues; he’s very accessible and easy to deal with and has a sense of humour – which is actually quite important when you’re working on projects that can be quite tricky. He does quality work.

On technical issues things have to look good and function properly and be constructed properly; he wouldn’t be any good to us if he couldn’t ensure the quality. He’s flexible. We might say ‘do you mind if we try this?’ and he is very amenable to those requests.


Under pressure

David works well under pressure, sometimes well into the early mornings, he fits in and blends with our team.

Anyone who can handle my boss’s mood swings and extroverted behaviour, definitely is up there with the best!


I am delighted

Je suis ravi : cetet adaptation me semble bien meilleure que l’article d’origine dans la Gazette et de plus, les photos d’époque paraissent même de meilleure qualité.Transmets mes remerciements et mes sincères féliciations à David Butterworth.

( I am delighted: this adaptation, seems to me much better than the original article in the Gazette and moreover the photos appear even better.
Convey my thanks and sincere congratulations to David Butterworth.)